As our name suggests, finance is one of our traditional core competencies. From the outset, we have translated and authored a wide range of financial documents for leading banks, investment managers and industrial groups. Stock research, annual reports, IFRS implementation, and financial strategy are some of the fields in which we bring our considerable translation experience to bear for the benefit of our customers. Not only do we get our translations to market on time in the fast-moving and fast-changing financial world, we do so in the inimitable, crisp FEAT style.

Our recent and current projects include:

  • Lead translator for over ten years of a country risk handbook published yearly by a leading credit insurer.
  • For a number of large clients, various invitations to tender, launched by leading European Pension Funds relating to the award of multi-billion dollar management mandates and including answers to complex questionnaires pertaining to different rounds of the tender process.
  • Financial product and investment fund factsheets.
  • Letters to shareholders, investor relations website, and key shareholder information for a French tyre manufacturer.
  • Project manager responsible for coordinating English to French, German, and Spanish translations of fund prospectuses, factsheets and sales documentation, and creating a multilingual glossary for a global US investment bank.
  • Annual reports and accounts of banks and CAC 40 companies.
  • Corporate brochures and websites.