Founded in 1994, FEAT is no ordinary translation company. We go the extra mile to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction, due to well-researched, crisp, clear, and accurate translations that read as though they had been written in the target language.

FEAT delivers translations in all major languages, with three outstanding features:


We offer a quality-control process that ensures fluent and accurate rendering of your texts in the format of your choice. We match specific job requirements to the best specialist skills available and provide unbeatable quality through our customer and industry expertise.


We deliver on time regardless of circumstances, even in the case of urgent assignments requested at short notice. Our quick turnaround capacity is enhanced by a network of skilled translators working in different time zones.


We offer excellent value with a pricing structure suited to your budget and consistent with your quality requirements.

Our Process

We set great store by delivering translations that meet the highest quality standards in the profession. Once the translator with the right set of skills for the job has been picked and fully briefed with the relevant background information and terminology, we ensure accuracy, consistency and readability by adhering to best practices at each stage of the translation process: research/pre-translation, translation, revision and, where applicable, independent review. As translation is rarely a simple linear process, we use a twin-track method in which the translator’s own research and translation are continually enriched with customer-specific information and terminology derived from our in-house resources and the customer. This very fluid process of briefing translators up front and keeping them continually in the loop delivers higher quality and saves time as the translation process can begin almost immediately. A FEAT hallmark is always getting the balance right between the nuances of a document and its overall intelligibility.